Real Estate Agent Reviews

Importance of reading Real Estate Agent Reviews

Clients’ real estate agent reviews are one of the most significant aspects of the decision-making approach because they give you an honest insight of real estate agents, and make it easier to distinguish between the true professionals and the “wannabes.”

It’s a daunting task to go all the way into the process of selling your property without the guidance and influence of a realtor, but you need to remove the chaff from the wheat, as many may not be what they say they are.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), real estate agents/brokers help with over 80% of property listings. It’s the duty of a real estate professional to be closely familiar with home buying and selling procedures because that’s their full-time job and why they get paid. They are highly experienced in all the pros and cons of property marketing, and the negotiating power lies in their expertise

It’s better to ask twice than to lose your way once

Going into business “blind” without any strategy in place can be the fastest way to get the least desired result. Therefore, before hiring a real estate agent in Mississauga, ON to sell a property on your behalf, it is important to do your due diligence and consider the details critical to the success of your property transaction.

Even though every agent you meet out there is going to have an impressive and pleasing presentation about the reasons why you should work with them, you need to be logical in your approach and consider the entire thing as a business transaction, and without emotional attachments. This means that if you are truly considering hiring “this” real estate professional, you need to reach to outside sources to determine whether they are who and what they claim to be.

With that in mind, you need to lay your hands on some genuine real estate agent reviews.


There are few ways to do this:

Word of Mouth Testimonials

This approach is simple and straightforward. Ask friends and family members who have had recent dealings in the property market. It’s important to speak to them first, to get their point of view on the agent they worked with and the difficulties they faced, to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

In the same vein, during your encounter with the agent, ask for testimonials from recent clients, but take them with a grain of salt as they may be fabricated.


Read Real Estate Agent Reviews Online

Another effective and time-saving approach is to surf the internet for realtor reviews. The web is one of the most valuable resources available today to everyone. Make sure to take full advantage of it before you make your decision to hire a real estate agent in Mississauga ON.


Read Forums

Forums can be enlightening as they are a great place to meet many people to “sound off” about the good and the bad of anything they have done. Just be aware that the odds are always that you’ll find more negative than positive comments because people are less likely to discuss their positive experiences in a forum.


Check Social Media

A social media profile, on the other hand, may also give you an insight of how good the agent is. Also, if they have a Facebook Business Page, for example, be sure to check it out and see what others are saying about them. If the feedback is positive, then you have a bit more information available to help you make a sound decision.

If you are uncertain about who to hire for your property listing in Mississauga, call me at (647) 383-7111 and I would be happy to speak with you about any market-related question you may have.

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