What can a good Realtor® do for you?

A good Realtor should make your selling or buying experience almost stress-free.  There will be certain things you will be required to do, but for the most part, the Realtor is the hub of organization and activity. Real Estate Professionals know their job so let them make it easier for you.

Your Realtor will explain the entire transactions process, and make sure that you know what’s expected of you and what they will do to service your Real Estate wants and needs.  Next, the Realtor will find out exactly what your home consists of. This will include how details of bedrooms, basement, storage areas and other equipment that’s included in the sale of your property.

What to Expect From a REALTOR

Who Needs Access to Your Home?

To expedite the sale of your home, Realtors use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By doing so, they attract other Real Estate Agents (Buying Agents) to view your home with or without your Realtors being there. Therefore, there may be times when they’ll need to view your home when you are not there. But don’t worry, this is done in a completely controlled manner as your Realtor arranges each visit only upon your approval.

Viewing access is granted only during the hours you specify so you don’t have to worry about the prospects interrupting your dinner, family time, or events you may have scheduled.

This method increases your market exposure dramatically and saves time and effort in the pursuit of a home buyer.

One great reason to have Realtors in charge of the sale is their negotiation skills. They can negotiate between buyers and sellers without emotion or personal feelings, thus getting the best deal for you.  Once an agreement is reached, the Realtor will draw up the legal and binding agreement to be signed.

Honesty and Integrity

The old saying “Honesty is the best policy” is particularly the case when it comes to Real Estate. When selling your property, you need to be honest about the details and condition of your home.  Most important is to have an honest Realtor. They have strict laws and regulations to adhere to and must follow a code of ethics. Asking a Realtor for referrals (LINK TO before hiring a Real Estate Agent) can help you decide if the Realtor is honest and right for you.

Realtors are not only skilled negotiators; they have a great deal of legal know-how.  They have resources that help solve any problems and keep the transaction running smoothly.  Know what to expect from your Realtor up front by asking plenty of questions. A good Realtor is gold in your pocket!

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